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History and objectives


"Optometrijas Centrs" History

"Optometrijas Centrs" was founded in 1992. It is the largest optical company in the Baltic countries, which alongside its main direction - glasses and contact lenses retail and wholesale, deals with the optical and ophthalmic equipment sales and service in the Baltic countries.

The Mission

LU Optometrijas Center's mission is to provide our customers with high quality professional medical instruments for ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians, as well as provide our products of high-level and post-warranty servicing of Latvian, Estonia and Lithuania.


Thanks to the establishment of regular training and work closely with vendors, we are able to offer rapid development of the best companies and solutions. In difficult cases, we can offer a lease or exchange of tools. Offering flexible financing options and optimal technology solutions, Optometrijas center of a long-term cooperation with many leading clinics in the Baltic, optical centers and practices of physicians. By showing respect for their customers and carrying out their promises, we have helped many clients succeed. Our clients success is our success.