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Centrostyle, Clarity Medical, Essilor, Keeler, LowVision, MeccanotticaMazza, Takagi Seiko, Tomey

Our most popular products are summarized in the list:

Last update | 14.03.2014

Products for Stores

Spectacle frame readers:
Essilor: Tess, e-Tess

Spectacle frame heaters:
Centrostyle: 05015
Essilor: FHG Frame Heater

Products for Opticians

Lenss edging machines:
Essilor: Ultimate Edition Gamma (New), Ultimate Edition Kappa (New), Mr. Orange (New), Mr. Blue (New)

Hand Edger:
Centrostyle: 05121
Essilor: Diafine

Frame Heater:
Centrostyle: 05015
Essilor: FHG Frame Heater

Essilor: LME60, CLE60, CLE70
Takagi Seiko: LM-10DX
Tomey: TL-100, TL-2000C, TL-3000C, CF-2000, CF-3000

Products for Ophthalmologists

Refraction Stands:
MeccanotticaMazza: 10.010.00, 10.040.00, 10.060.00, 10.090.00, 10.310.00,

Electric Lift Tables:
Tomey: TT-4060, TT-1060

Automated Perimeters:
Tomey: AP-2500, AP-2500BY, AP-3000

Tomey: RC-800, RC-5000

Slit Lamps:
Keeler: Symphony 40H, PSL Classic,
MeccanotticaMazza: MM3, MM5
Takagi Seiko: SM-2N, SM-4N, SM-10N, SM-30N, SM-70N, SM-90N, 300XL (Jaunums)
Tomey: TSL-5000

Takagi Seiko: VT-5
Tomey: TMP-2000, TAP-2000

Chart Projectors:
Takagi Seiko: CP-40
Tomey: TCP-1000 LED, TCP-2002

Chart Panels:
Tomey: TCP-2000

Non-Contact Tonometers:
Keeler: Pulsair intelliPuff, Pulsair Desktop
Tomey: FT-1000

Applanation Tonometers:
Takagi Seiko: AT-1

Keeler: Specialist, Professional

Indirect ophthalmoscopes:
Keeler: All Pupil II, Vantage Plus LED, Vantage Plus LED Digital

Keeler: Professional Retinoscope

Ophthalmoscope chargers:
Keeler: Lithium-ion Mini Charger, Double-Charger

Centrostyle: 04966
Essilor: Pupilometer Pupilom

Essilor: N73700

Trial Frames:
Centrostyle: 08215, 08220, 08225, 08224, 08224
Essilor: ESS204
Keeler: Oculus Universal Trial Frame, Oculus Standard Trial Frame, Simple Trial Frame
Takagi Seiko: MT-374

Trial lens sets:
Centrostyle: 08250, 08260
Essilor: ESS 510, ESS 500
Keeler: 2201-P-1244, 2201-P-1236

Retinoscopy tests:
Centrostyle: 08304
Keeler: 2202-P-1000

Prism Bars:
Centrostyle: 8300
Keeler: 2203-P-1002

Note:  Each manufacturer's full range of products you can see the manufacturer's website.